Traditional・New classic・Brest・100
Architect: Maksim Voronovich, Anna Kostina
Project: Nov. 2014, Area: 90 m²

The interior design was developed for the house, where customers with children lived for about ten years. It was important in principle to preserve the layout and location of all areas in order to avoid the transfer of communications and significant dismantling and installation work. In addition, it was necessary to leave the dark-gray fireplace lining and interior doors in color wenge, and also take into account the customer's request to use veneered panels for finishing one of the living room walls. Therefore, the proposed finish is rather laconic, designed to supplement the original data and introduce elements of the Art Deco style, which the customer likes.

The walls of the main rooms were painted in light gray color, and along the perimeter a white strip of plinth and molding, located at a distance from each other. On the floor granite is sand colored. Some furniture and accessories are used in dark colors to support the doors.

In the hallway, the mirror and cabinet of the wardrobe for the outer clothing remained the same and in the same place, they replaced only the facades of the cabinet. The wall opposite the cupboard was complemented by a composition of a square of white marble, a console and two sconces.

The kitchen area was separated by a glass with sandblasting in the lower part and a bureau with a compartment for wine was attached to it. Facades of kitchen frame, from MDF, in gray and white color. The apron is faced with white tiles with facet. The dining table with chrome legs in the unfolded form can accommodate 10 people, additional chairs are at the breakfast table.

On the wall behind the sofa, a molding of the molding is used, which is highlighted by the light of the lamps on the tire. Sofa with textile upholstery fits the whole family.

In the lobby of the second floor, the customer wished to organize a small reading area with a comfortable armchair and a magazine rack. The walls are decorated with rectangles of molding, and the partition between the doors to the dressing rooms is complemented by a mirror. Above the stairs hung a chandelier.

All cabinet furniture for the girl's room is made individually. Facades of furniture with a simple frame profile and round handles. There is wallpaper powder colors in small white peas on the walls.

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