Traditional. Interior design of the house in Lytvyn village


Maksim Voronovich, Natallia Trukhanovich


Traditional. Interior design of the house in Lytvyn village


Dec. 2015


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Devising this interior in conjunction with the architectural design of the house makes it interesting. Architectural and constructive design (developed by Dialog plus proficient) is based on our schematic layout. Roof system open elements have played an important role in the formation of the interior atmosphere.

The layout feature: linkage between rooms organized directly without any other dark compartments. A significant and composition center is a through-passage and two-window living room which links all main rooms - lobby, kitchen, terrace and second floor hall. From lobby we can get into two dressing rooms, laundry and bathroom. From terrace we get to the pool. From the hall we get into private area, which consist of a main bedroom, two children’s room and also a bathroom.

We used unconventional material (wooden panels along the perimeter and wallpaper over it) to decorate first floor bathroom. Also we used parquetry all over the house, including bathroom, but not in the shower because it’s the only “wet” zone. The shower is equipped with hydromassage nozzles and it’s completely airtight to maintain specific temperature. The laundry located adjacently with the bathroom and equipped with washing- and drying machines behind closed cabinets, folding dryers, ironing board, built-in the furniture. The partition separating the bathroom and laundry doesn’t touch the ceiling and the doors between these two rooms are made of glass. That’s why natural light can pervade the laundry.

The relaxing area situated near the hearth and emphasized with the flowing lamp. An acoustic system Bowers&Wilkins is inbuilt along the perimeter and directed to audience. We use the same kind of stone for decoration a stovepipe and the house itself (outside). A pair of tall windows both sides of the hearth let “nature to come inside”. A reading zone with a comfortable armchair and a torchere settled near by the shelving and stairs. There is an office in the wide hall.

An “island’ with irregular shape is the main area for cooking and having meals. There is a caisson imitation on the celling.

A dower chest is the only storage space, located in bedroom.

We tried to bring as much daylight as we can into all rooms of the house. Wooden material prevails everywhere. Almost whole floor covered with wood. Lack of TV-sets compensated with projectors.

Смысловым и композиционным центром дома является проходная двусветная гостиная, задающая связи с основными помещениями – прихожей, кухней, террасой и холлом второго этажа.

В кухне основной рабочей поверхностью и местом для приема пищи служит остров неправильной формы. На потолке – имитация кессонов.

Для отделки санузла на первом этаже использовали нетрадиционные материалы - деревянные панели по периметру стен и обои над ними. Так как «мокрой» зоной является только душевая, на полу остальной площади санузла лежит паркетная доска, как и во всем доме.

Единственное место в спальне для хранения – сундук.