Modern・Functionalism・Small apartments・Minsk・104
Architect: Maksim Voronovich, Anna Kostina
Project: Mar. 2015, Area: 45 m²

Interior design of studio apartment was developed for female student. Primary desires: minimalism, light shades, functionality and high quality materials. Initial data: 20th floor, frame-monolithic building with beautiful view.
We left all zones on their places, making minimal dismantle. We paid maximum attention on storage places organization. Both sides of bearing column we disposed wardrobe. Further from window wall got occupied by storage system with opened and closed cells, where bed also could be hidden during day time. Shoe-locker and headdress cabinet with access from hallway built-into end-face of this system. Except the bed with orthopedic mattress, sofa performs episodic sleeping function.
Coloring is light with bright inclusion of pictures and shelvings. Custom white furniture favorably excels on the background of barely noticeable grey-beige wall shade. Bathroom walls decorated with white mosaic. Bathroom doors used with framework and canvas flush with the wall and has the same color as walls.
Along the walls and furniture rooms framed with aluminum plinth. Communication layout was carefully pondered. There is suspending ceiling with LED lightning.

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