Architect: Anna Kostina, Natallia Trukhanovich
Project: Jun. 2016, Area: 87 m²

We've got an order for interior design project of restaurant hall in hotel, location: nearby Puslovsky Palace and Kostushko farmstead, Kossovo. 

Our customer is in love with Russian homesteads of the end of 19th century. She would like to recreate that atmosphere in her restaurant. The most difficult is to put on all inherent furniture items and decoration methods simultaneously. Stained-glass window with rhombus, round table, oven with tiles, wall clock were overseen in different apartments of Chehov, Tutchev, Block, Chaikovskiy. It was going to be used in one place about 80 sq. m. We used single coloring, 
red orange and green shade contrast to unite such kind of elements diversity. 

The original place for restaurant hall is a drawn-out rectangle with windows on the short side with forrest view and summer terrace exit. It's made up for daily tour group service and hotel guests. Two cabins on low podium with visual curtains isolation are included in hall and made up for events.

Bar zone is located nearby restaurant entrance and stairs. It separated from the main zone  with different kind of decorations of ceiling and floor to improve room proportions. Modern equipment is hidden with wooden panels and s
tained-glass window with rhombus imitation. Piano is quite portable to make more free space. Bookcase plays role of stairs inclosure and represents writers' activity according to which was created the interior. Billiard room and VIP hall entrances are located nearby.
Administrator post is located between cabins and bar nearby kitchen entrance.

Long wall filled with pictures of various sizes and content. Such kind of method is used in Tutchev, Chaikovski, Chehov homesteads. Plenty of pictures is complemented with fireplace. It's made of wood and decorated with line of tiles. Irish furnace works with steam.
Various decoration is used in this interior. Bar zone tile is put in "carpet" way. Main zone tile is kind of wooden. Bright colored line goes through the walls as in Chaikovski homestead.
Big round table is the element which unites family and friends during picnic season. It attracts for tea-parties and small talks.

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