Traditional・Ar deco・Brest・112
Architect: Maksim Voronovich, Anna Kostina, Natallia Trukhanovich
Project: Apr. 2016, Area: 42 m²

Young family’s bought an apartment with a standard layout - separate kitchen and living room, as well as a long corridor leading to the bathrooms and bedrooms.

The customer, on the one hand, wished that the kitchen, living room and hallway would become a common space without doors, on the other - he feared that such an association would not interfere with the atmosphere of coziness.

A wardrobe for outer clothing appeared opposite the front door, reducing the viewing angle, for person who comes onto not to see the apartment through. A pantry adjoined the back of the closet - there were no separate rooms for storage in the apartment. The result is a common space, the zones of which smoothly flow from one to the other.

The beige and chocolate range is diluted with pink accents - this playful color softens the severity of the forms of furniture and accessories in the Art Deco style. The window-balcony block was replaced by two swinging doors that were more pleasant to see, and the opening was framed with molding. Curtains for the kitchen and living room cover the partition between the apertures with a thick drapery. 

The openwork tile apron became the starting point in interior design and decoration. There are painting and wallpaper on the walls with a small pattern by Cole&Son. The skirting board is painted with color of the walls.

The dining table is made to order. There are rattan chairs and additional cabinets for the kitchen on the balcony. The TV area is accented by an interesting shaped chandelier. The hall with bathrooms and the bedrooms entrance is covered with a crystal curtain.

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