Architect: Anna Kostina, Natallia Trukhanovich
Project: Apr. 2016, Area: 72 m²

Home wellness-club was formed as an annex from wooden framework and already existing vaporarium from felling. By that we made area 4 times bigger. In the middle of proposed layout and zones positioning it was determined to dismantle felling. In this way, long relaxing room with window at the end, alcove and pond view was constitute along one of the walls. For this one interior design was developed. 

Gym is located in that building. Also it performs the function of hallway. Part of utility room area was borrowed to create a bathroom. 

Room for rest is visually divided with mini-kitchen cabinets. Cabinets and wash-basin are used on both sides. Here is storing stuff for tea-proies and massage. Open narrow shelving includes towel rolls, salt, oil and the rest of stuff to create relaxing atmosphere. 

Home SPA Jacuzzi Sasha with massage table generate a peculiar zone to concentrate on your own sensations. Sofa, lounges and mini-pool create space for having refreshment with friends. 

Materials used basically of natural shades - smooth textured light stoned tile Porcelanosa, wooden textures in various forms. Wash-basin Kohler and ethnic style coffee table add cosiness, dilute functionalism strictness. 

All zones provides bright upper light and local soft light items directed to walls. Located under ceiling moldings projectors create beautiful pattern on walls, mirror enhances it and clarify upper zone. In slits between moldings LED strips are provided, situated like short segments in chessboard order. 

Essential 30 cm ceiling lowering applied to hide balk, was used to inbuilt Flos lamps with interesting plasticity of gypsum part. 

Metallic frame  podium is covered with ash board. It solves the problem of inbuilt 1 meter height mini-pool because of inability to lay sewerage lower.

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