Novashino house interior design


Anna Kostina, Natallia Trukhanovich , Anna Kitaeva


Novashino house interior design


Dec. 2016


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Our customers are famous with their love to filling the space with natural decoration, furniture, accessories, different lightning. We often divided the original premises into zones with partitions, columns, and furniture.

The lobby-vestibule conceals behind the mirror door a dressing room for outwear. The floor tile Vives is carpeted, wallpaper - Cole&Son. Console - Tonin Casa, there is Cameroonian hat above it. Decoration of the bottom of the walls with light gray wooden panels from the hallway flows into all common premises of the ground floor.

There is a buffet and Grange  chest of drawers on the background of the Chesapeake wallpaper in the hall. There is a wine cabinet and an aquarium at the top of the stairs. 

The customers invite guests several times a week. The kitchen, dining room, hall and living room, including a balcony, as well as a summer terrace create a hospitable space with a large number of landing groups.

Customers take guests several times a week at home. The kitchen, dining room, hall and living room, including a balcony, as well as a summer terrace create a hospitable space with a large number of landing groups.

Nino Galimderti dining table is surrounded by Eichholtz chairs, chandelier is Feiss. The walls are partially covered with clinker tiles of same color as the brick on the pole with the chimney. The slate in the old frame accepts wishes for a meal. Kitchen is L'ottocento. Floor tiles is TopCer

The corner of the monolithic ledge of the balcony above the living room was rounded, for the visual stability it was bolstered by columns, a chest of drawers was placed between it. To the chest of drawers was put a sofa, and opposite the sofa two Selva armchairs, organizing a zone for conversation at a fireplace. Modern fireplace is adjacent to handcrafted tiles.

The space of the living room was filled with an imitation of a fachwerk combined with a stone. This idea is suggested by the design of the facades of the house. The space between the beams was filled with a lining. The strip of staining under the ceiling was supplemented with painting. Moooi chandeliers are modern and light.

A brick pillar rounds the reinforced concrete staircase in a wooden decoration. The watch in the delicate frame is Dialma Brown.

A noble dark gray color was used to paint the shutters, windows and doors on the terrace. The metal beams were covered with wooden lining and complemented with carved brackets. A sofa and armchairs located by the fireplace, a dining table and a long swing are all provided for a comfortable unification with nature.

The guest bedroom on the first floor, facing north, is decorated with bright purple and yellow shades. Lamps are Le Porcellane.

Part of the walls and the floor of the guest bathroom are decorated with Rialto tiles. Furniture is Eurodesign. Strip on the walls is staining.

The corridor of the second floor leads to the inner balcony of the living room, as well as to the bedrooms, bathroom and dressing room. The red bookcase adjoins the room of the daughter which loves to read.

The daughter's room consists of two areas: a study and a bedroom. The cabinet is decorated with warm colors, the bedroom - with the cold. There is the mezzanine-bed above the desk in the high part of the cabinet. There is a canopy above the bed in the bedroom. Wardrobe is Savio Firmino. Painting along the rafters fills the upper space of the room, without making it rough. Wallpapers are Cole&Son. Fabulous glass chandeliers are La Murrina and De Majo.

The disproportionately long room of the bedroom was divided into 2 zones by an island partition. There is a dressing table and chest of drawers in the entrance area. The second entrance to the dressing room was made from there. There is a narrow sofa opposite the bed, a complex ceiling with stained glass and lighting in the sleeping area. Chandelier and sconce are Corte Zari.

Bathroom, like the rest of the rooms, is divided into compartments to create coziness. The bath is separated with custom-made carved elements from natural stone, the ceiling is lowered above the toilet with bidet and shower, the zone is framed with a high ceiling of green tiles. All that techniques are aimed at complicating the surfaces of the ceiling and walls. A curbstone for 2 Kohler washbasins looks spectacular on the background of the Vives tile with blue ornaments. Mirror is by Silvano Grifoni. Accessories by Devon&Devon.

According to customers, the dressing room turned out to be a fashion boutique. Complex architecture of the roof and round windows managed to beat without compromising functionality. The center of the composition under the high ridge is an island dresser with a transparent table top for displaying accessories and ornaments. It is illuminated by the elegant Masiero chandelier. Perimeter of the walls was filled with the cabinets with transparent and blind doors. There are several shelves for shoes. There are a rotating mirror, couches, a place for ironing clothes. Wallpapers in arched niches with windows between shoe racks - KT Exclusive.

The third floor is a male territory with a brutal interior. There are zones of the cabinet, living room-bar and billiard room in the common space. There is a bathroom behind the door of the phone booth. Bearing rafters are complemented by decorative arches and hangers with forged elements. Shelves and wall surfaces are designed for storing souvenirs from journeys.

План расстановки мебели 1-го этажа

Тамбур-прихожая скрывает за зеркальной дверью гардеробную для верхней одежды. Напольная плитка Vives разложена ковром, обои – Cole&Son. Консоль – Tonin Casa, над ней камерунская шляпа. Отделка низа стен светло-серыми деревянными панелями из прихожей перетекает во все общие помещения первого этажа.

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На террасе использовали благородный темно-серый цвет в покраске ставен, окон и дверей. Металлические балки закрыли деревянной обшивкой и дополнили резными кронштейнами. Диван и кресла у очага, обеденный стол и длинные качели – все предусмотрено для комфортного единения с природой.

Часть стен и пол гостевого санузла в отделке плиткой Rialto. Мебель Eurodesign. Полоска на стенах – окрашивание.

План расстановки мебели 2-го этажа

План расстановки мебели 3-го этажа

Третий этаж – мужская территория с брутальным интерьером. В общем пространстве находятся зоны кабинета, гостиной-бара и бильярдной. За дверью телефонной будки – санузел. Несущие стропила дополнены декоративными арками и подвесами с коваными элементами. Стеллажи и поверхности стен предназначены для хранения сувениров из путешествий.