Traditional・Public space・Bakery・St. Petersburg
Architect: Maksim Voronovich, Artur Tamkovich
Project: Aug. 2016, Area: 70 m²

We've got an order for bakery interior design project. Location: St. Petersburg, apartment complex Listvenniy.

The main activity line of this place is going to be baking and selling of confectionary.  Moreover hall for visitors is going to be a caffe. 
Grey and dark colors don't fit this place weather. We aspire to create homy and kind mood atmosphere. To achieve that goal we used light background, pastel rose and blue shades, warm light over the counter. Racks are decorated with dishes and books. It creates warmth and cosiness.

Counter is emphasized with Kerama Marazzi tile (petchwork stile). Window banks decorated with red pattern fine tile. Slates and wrapping paper roll in coffee preparing zone vitalize caffe interior.

We've got a mixture of provence and scandinavian style.

We picked materials mostly in construction markets. IKEA chairs. IKEA light. Racks, counter and tables are made for order. Blue pattern on Cole&Son wallpaper is associated with khokhloma painting and and hint on nice tea party.

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