The design of the interiors of the guest house in Kobrin


Anna Kostina, Natallia Trukhanovich


The design of the interiors of the guest house in Kobrin


Oct. 2016


The house we designed interior for, was built in 90s and once was the main building for our customer. Now it's going to have new functions: cooking and guests placing.

Part of home constructions is divided into compartments. It was dismantled for actual open space. Walls were replaced with open beams, because of small height of building.
We've changed windows configuration to eliminate associations with regular stumpy place. Windows orientation was saved, because the other walls are pointed to the fence.
Furniture and equipment were accurately selected as luxury composition elements. Kitchen and living room were combined not to look too thrifty. 

Combi steamer, cooking panel and black glossy microwave combine harmoniously with dark-grey mat furniture. Apron tile- Porcelanosa Cubica. Refrigerator and two deep freezes Gorenje were united in the niche.

The interior design's come out in manlike and elegant way without too much accessories.  However it doesn't look ascetic. Illumination design plays plays an important role in that project. It looks like functional art objects.
Gold elements graceful inclusions in the mirror frame, lamp fittings creates luxury atmosphere.
Soft oasis as  sofa and carpet is balanced with boiserie made of thin wooden rails from Emmemobili factory. Coffee table - Classicon Bell.

Bed-head is framed with Flos IC lamps. An access to LED-panels(which backlight onyx composition in dining zone) goes through built-in cupboard.

Планы расстановки мебели, сантехники, оборудования

Пароконвектомат, варочная поверхность и СВЧ-печь с черными глянцевыми деталями гармонично сочетаются с темно-серой матовой мебелью. Плитка на фартуке - Porcelanosa Cubica.

Изголовье спальни в обрамлении светильников Flos IC. Из небольшого встроенного шкафа осуществляется доступ к светодиодным панелям, подсвечивающим панно из оникса в обеденной зоне.