Modern・Public place・Spa・Park-hotel «Lesnaya gavan»
Architect: Maksim Voronovich, Anna Kostina
Project: Dec. 2016, Area: 74 m²

We’ve designed interior for small SPA-complex, located in park-hotel «Lesnaya Gavan’». It based on guest-house, which expects for reconstruction. Redevelopment was done with preservation of bearing walls or replacement of them with balks, preservation of joist ceiling and rafter system, changing of window opening.

To the common perimeter were added 2 tambour-cloakrooms: one for stuff, the other one for guests. In existing space were situated lobby, 3 treatment rooms and bathroom. 

Hallway, which visually is a lobby-part due to bright glassy division. It forms a buffer zone to keep floor clean. Here stuff and visitors walk using indoor shoes and from here everybody gets to cabinets and bathroom. Also, manicure zone adjoin to the hallway.

Husbands, waiting for their wives after SPA-procedures could have rest on comfortable sofas, looking through big windows on marvelous forrest and  drink coffee. Mini-kitchen of 45cm depth flows into lockers. In front of that are cabins for changing.

Two from three cabinets equipped with massage tables, including Starpool Spa Table and Starpool Breeze showers, Cielo Le Giareс wash-basins, spacious stands for expendable material store.

Third cabined equipped with comfortable chair, where customers can have either facial treatment or pedicure; and Duravit Starck 1 wash-basin.

Windows were changed to enlarge forrest overview. Large mirror surfaces in every cabinet expand space.

Bathroom contains locker for cleaning inventory.

Picking up decoration of interior, customer was focused on material naturalness. Main wall and floor tile with surface imitating travertine - ITT Limestone. In hallway is terraced board with niche for decorative pebble. Hallway walls and window slopes sheathed with veneer panels.

Locally was used white ceramic mosaic Venis Domus white from Porcelanosa. There is Rex Alabastri tile in the manicure zone and the other cabinets as well. Thread blinds was used to decorate windows and walls. RGB- backlight is along the ceiling perimeter in cabinets. It creates essential atmosphere and mood.

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