House interior design (Telmy village, Brest district)


Oksana Golovtsova, Maksim Voronovich, Anna Kitaeva


House interior design (Telmy village, Brest district)


Apr. 2018


henge light minotti natuzzi lee broom lantic colonial

A young married couple needed a modern and almost minimalistic house interior design featuring natural materials, landscaping and gardening. 

At street level, there's a common space that boasts of ample daylight illumination thanks to a great number of windows. It's arranged around a hollow structure with varying finishing and aux rooms: a bathroom, a dressing room, and a storeroom. There are a vegetal wall and a fountain / waterfall bordering the above hollow structure's short sides. There's an extended hallway with an external wall windowed in its entirety. Thanks to using a mirror, veneer sheet and painted glass (Lacobel) when decorating the opposite wall, we managed to hide interior doors. There's a table by Tonin Casa.

Kitchen cabinetry is spread out along the walls and a 'kitchen isle' featuring a bar counter located on its side. Resting above this 'island', there's a light fixture pack by Henge Light. There's a full-fledged dining-table in the neighboring interior garden.

Amidmost the living room, there is a large inverted-U-shaped leather sofa by Minotti Freeman. There's a chandelier by Terzani. A TV set is hidden against the background of black glass. A drawer unit features holes for planters. There are 2 armchairs and a console by Minotti behind the sofa and near a double fireplace. Above this fireplace, there's a wall-mounted clock by Natuzzi ZOROTONDO.

A stairway with metal stringers and a glass railing leads to the second-storey corridor acting like a game room.

In the bedroom, the entire wall along the headboard is decorated with soft mats. Above the drawer units, there are light fixtures by Lee Broom. On the opposite side, there's a bio-fireplace, as well as dressing room and bathroom entrances.

A freestanding bathtub by BelBagno is located by the terrace window.

There is a xenodocheum (hospitality area) located in the backyard. It features its own entrance, a rest-room, a terrace, a sauna, a shower-bath and a water closet.

Our client wished to decorate these rooms with active dynamic finishing featuring a large number of diagonal and curved lines, as well as parametric partitions in several interpretations. The floor is covered with decking. The walls are finished with natural stone veneer by L'antic Colonial. There're a lamp by Arte Lamp (above the table) and light panels by Philips.

There is an open-air kitchen on the terrace featuring a BBQ area, a hot tub, and a decorated fireplace. In summer, both lounge and terrace are combined into a common space thanks to concertina doors.

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