Interior design project of child club «Lesnaya gavan» park-hotel


Maksim Voronovich, Anna Kostina, Artur Tamkovich, Anna Kitaeva


Interior design project of child club «Lesnaya gavan» park-hotel


Jul. 2017


We’ve created the interior design and the exterior decoration project of the child club. The club is located in the building to be reconstructed, on the territory of the «Lesnaya Gavan» park-hotel.
We added tambour, lobby and boiler room to the existing space.

Outside decoration of the club reflects its functionality, stylistically extends the interior decoration and involves the building into the environment.
The colored slopes of the windows make a note of infancy. A lattice of wooden slats on the porch creates a play of light and shadow. The lining of the wood echoes with the lining imitation of the bar of hotel buildings.

Children can stay in the club either by their own or attended by animators. Parents are able to relax in a restaurant or spa at this time.

Big part of the interior is designed according to the principles of a barrier-free environment. In general, simple materials of neutral colors are used in the decoration: wood, paint, flooring. There are some bright accents.

There is a stained-glass window, giving color glare on the light bulk floor in the south corner of the building. On the window sills with colored slopes can be used as a sit place.

Children are greeted by a lobby with bright Cole & Son wallpaper. Based on the same wallpaper, a painting was made in the zone of active games. Ikea's outerwear lockers are complemented by multi-colored handles.

Vertical wooden slats, fanning themselves over a wavy line, lead the child from the entrance area to the playing space.

Zones of quiet and active rest are located around bathrooms area, sheathed with wooden panels. Thus, instead of a huge viewing space of 183 square meters, we get a series of cozy compartments with different functions. Also, this method allows you not to take away the light front in favor of the bathrooms near the zones with a long stay.

A large house with a long table is used for art and celebrating Birthdays. A small house contains the miniature Ikea kitchen. There are washbasins of different heights nearby. Branch tree is a vertical sculpture.

Adjacent zone has a soft carpet tiles on the floor and niches in the wall. The shelf serves as books, games and toys storage.

The space for outdoor activities is formed by paths from the bulk floor and imitative grass, dry pool, playgrounds with ball and slides.

A grid is stretched above the zone for playing with the ball, where you can roll around, climbing up the vertical staircase. There are slides for rock climbing and descent nearby. Space under the slides is used to store sports equipment.

The zone for video games is represented by game devices, sofas, a shelf for games and books.

The corridor leading to the cinema hall is not empty: there are curved mirrors on the walls, permanent «classic» game on the floor.

The cinema hall is used for records demonstration on the projector screen and live performances. There are soft furniture panels that improve acoustics on the walls. Decoration is executed in neutral tones, the appropriate mood is created by a color-changing backlight.

План расстановки мебели и оборудования

Большой домик с длинным столом используется для творчества и застолий для Дней рождений. Маленький домик умещает миниатюрную кухню Ikea. Рядом - умывальники разной высоты для мытья рук. Ветвистое дерево как вертикальная скульптура.

Пространство для активного отдыха сформировано дорожками из наливного пола и искусственной травы, сухим бассейном, зоны для игр с мячом и горками. Над зоной для игр с мячом натянута сетка, где можно валяться, забравшись по вертикальной лестнице. По соседству - горки для скалолазания и спуска. Пространство под горками используется для хранения спортивного инвентаря.

Кинозал используется для демонстрации записей на экране проектора и живых спектаклей. На стенах мягкие мебельные панели, улучшающие акустику. Отделка выполнена в нейтральных тонах, нужное настроение создается меняющей цвет подсветкой.

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