Interior design project of the restaurant in the «Lesnaya gavan» park-hotel


Maksim Voronovich, Anna Kostina


Interior design project of the restaurant in the «Lesnaya gavan» park-hotel


Jan. 2017


A two-stored restaurant in the Art Deco style should become the highlight of park-hotel «Lesnaya Gavan». There is one main hall for 80 people and two banquet halls - large and small.

We get to the lobby from the central entrance, accented by a seven-meter stained glass window. From the lobby - to the main hall and to the large banquet hall through the stairs.

There is a round burgundy sofa in the lobby on the center. There is a mirror with a massive wooden frame between the entrances to the bathrooms. The vertical plane of the ceiling above the wardrobe is the extension of its facades. There are mirrored caissons on the ceiling. Luster is Modo Chandelier.

The composition center of the visitor lounge on the 1st floor is an island bar and a rack above it, suspended to the ceiling. The rack for alcohol is made of metal, inside the cells there are a lot of rectangular glasses with a facet.

Bureaus with facades of exotic wood make an accent to the entrance area and separate the seats near the front door.

There are "booths" in the depths of the hall. It plays role of landing groups for four or six people under a lowered ceiling, lying on false pillars. The surfaces of the cabins are decorated with a dark wood paneling and Borastapeter wallpaper.

Places for two are provided behind long sofas with high backs. There is one table for 10 people. The rest of the tables are made for four or six people.

Wooden panels, polyurethane foam elements, beige and noble claret coloration were applied for decoration. There is porcelain on the Fioranese  floor in combination with a golden strip of Butech metal element. Metal screens perform a decorative function, visually separate the space of the hall and emphasize the landing groups.

The textiles on windows and furniture are velvet, velor, brocade. There are pictures with portraits of Vytaut, Jagaylo, Jadwiga.

The small banquet hall has a separate entrance from the street for visitors. It’s been serving by the kitchen of the main hall on the ground floor.

There is a stone makiaverte between two wooden pilasters in the tambour-wardrobe. There are also a pair of Eichholtz mirrors, a banquet and a wardrobe.

The table assumes comfortable accommodation of ten people. It is lit by a Lasvit chandelier.

In addition to the dining area in the hall, there is a living room area for more relaxed communication on sofas and armchairs. On the walls are Fioranese porcelain stoneware and soft furniture panels. Chandelier Elstead. The wall in the course of motion is decorated with a mobile mirror screen in a golden frame.

There is a living room area for more relaxed communication on sofas and armchairs in addition to the dining area in the hall. There are Fioranese porcelain and soft furniture panels on the walls. Chandelier is Elstead. The wall is decorated with a mobile mirror screen in a golden frame.

There is a dark wood in the decoration, as in the other halls. The color of the stain matches the tone of the wood. The wall, along which there is a serving dresser, is decorated with volumetric squares from moldings.

The large banquet hall can be used for training workshops and wedding ceremonies. A place for musicians is provided between the hall and the lobby without its allocation by the usual podium, in order not to hide the floor area.

Long rectangular tables are diluted with large round tables. In addition to the seats at the tables for guests are provided chairs and sofas.

There is the table of the bride and groom in the depth of the hall in the center. It is a white partition with 3d gypsum panels hiding the entrance to the kitchen behind.

The area of the balcony adjusting the room was visually attached, replacing the window-balcony block with a stained-glass window.

There is a bar opposite the balcony. The counter is decorated with MDF panels, imitating flutes. During the breakfast buffet it is used as a smorgasbord. There is Fioranese tiles on the floor.

Elements of the rafter system are included in the design. Reinforced concrete columns and beams are hidden by wooden plating.Lighting accents are Visual Comfort chandeliers. In addition to them, the hall is illuminated with SLV lights and LightStar spotlights located along the beams. There are floodlights that illuminate the roof space.

The walls are embroidered with wooden plates and painted in deep turquoise. There is YO2 carpet n the floor. The splashes of golden metal in furniture, accessories and lamps are spectacular on the turquoise background.

There are high frame flower pots at round tables. It gives a field for activities to wedding decorators.

В вестибюле по центру стоит круглая бордовая софа. Между входами в санузлы - зеркало в обрамлении массивной деревянной рамы. На потолке зеркальные кессоны. Люстра Modo Chandelier.

Композиционный центр зала для посетителей на 1-м этаже - островной бар и стеллаж над ним, подвешенный к к перекрытию. Стеллаж для алкоголя выполнен из металла, внутри ячеек множество прямоугольных стекол с фацетом.

План расстановки мебели и оборудования 1-го этажа

Малый банкетный зал имеет отдельный вход с улицы для посетителей.

Кроме зоны столовой в зале присутствует зона гостиной для более расслабленного общения на диванах и креслах.

План расстановки мебели и оборудования 2-го этажа

В глубине зала по центру - стол жениха и невесты. Позади него - белая перегородка с гипсовыми 3d-панелями, скрывающая вход в помещения кухни.