Interior design project of the club in the «Lesnaya gavan» park-hotel


Maksim Voronovich, Anna Kostina, Natallia Trukhanovich


Interior design project of the club in the «Lesnaya gavan» park-hotel


Aug. 2018


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A men's club is meant to become one of the key elements of the Lesnaya Gavan' complex in addition to its restaurant. Form architecture to interior design – we developed the entire project.
The length of a bowling alley was determined by the length of the building. To avoid a long-façade-related monotonousness, we plasticized it by adding bay-windows, making external corners more complex, emphasizing its entrance with a portico, and finishing external walls with clinker bricks by Vandersanden. We used windows with elongated proportions peculiar to the art-deco style being our customer's favorite. These windows are decorated with stucco moldings.

We used the following function allocation pattern. In the left wing on the first floor, there is a kitchen processing area. In the center, there is a double floor height area with a stage. Along the rear façade, there's a bowling zone. Above it, there's a HVAC room. It's located above the bowling zone and under the roof slope. All the remaining space on the first and second floors was dedicated for entertainment.

In Belarus in general and in its forest parks in particular, a sloped roof is the best option possible. To deflect attention from the roof, we used galvanized seam roofing that becomes transparent against the sky. There's a balustrade that caps the club's parapet making the sloped roof almost invisible when viewed at head height.

When moving from the grand entrance through the vestibule, we get into the central double floor height area featuring a stage and a bar. It can be used for dancing and as a reserve guest seating area featuring relocatable chairs and tables.

Just steps from it on the first floor, there are zones for the following noisy games: pool, darts, kicker, and bowling.

On the second floor, there is a bar, a Russian pyramid, an interactive shooting range, and a casino. There is a zone for tabletop games with an 'isle' sitting area and a balcony exit. There's also a three-way fireplace surrounded with a hookah zone.

Solid and top-quality metal and wood were used as predominant materials when erecting structures and during finishing works. We opted for dark coloring interspersed with juicy and sometimes ridiculous colors that create an atmosphere of fun.

There's an arcading that combines a number of metal columns along the building's central longitudinal axis. This arcading is solid on the ground floor and open-worked on the second floor. An open cast-iron stairway wraps around a core created by the fireplaces' chimneys.

The flooring features tiles by Fioranese, Rex, Settecento. The walls feature tiles by Aparici and wallpapers by Wall&Deco. There are light fixtures by Gubi, Moooi, Lindsey Adelman, and Seletti.

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#Moooi #Settecento #Aparici

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