Morozova. Interior design for apartment in Brest


Oksana Golovtsova, Maksim Voronovich, Anna Kostina


Morozova. Interior design for apartment in Brest


Jun. 2017


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We never suggest to use radial walls by our own initiative. Radial wall has already existed in that apartment, but it gave us great opportunity to enter the dining room harmoniously with the accompanying furniture between the kitchen and the living room. There is no long corridor, which inevitably appears everywhere, where the hallway and the all-family zone are in different parts of the apartment.

The result was a light interior in modern style with traces of classics with high Evroplast curtain skirting the sleeping area, doors with a simple section of panels and frame facades of the lower tier of the kitchen.

These 4 LED  stripes in the Klus profile create attractive diffused lighting from the hallway to the living room. There are built-in braces above the baseboard for night illumination.

The wall of the kitchen, which is seen from the living room, is intentionally made without a second tier of lockers. An elegant kitchen apron from Kerama Marazzi  marble tiles is decorated with two thin strips of Butech golden metallic border. The Faber cylindrical hood surrounded with the Devon&Devon bra is hardly looks like kitchen. The main accent of the room and the dream of the customer is the kitchen of gentle pink-powdery hue.

Showcase and chest of drawers next to the dining table, although it looks at ease, are in fact carefully calibrated and reclaimed from the corridor space. It will accommodate all the attributes for a beautiful repast. There is the Favorite chandelier above the dining table.

Exit from the kitchen to the loggia became neat due to the replacement of the wall-mounted radiator for the floor convector and the installation of symmetrical swing doors.

The convector was also installed behind the back of the Cantori chair, with the same height as the plinth. Floor lamp is Kutek.

Pictures, photographs in the golden frames, flowers are cute little things that make women smile.

The Ikea toy shelf along the bed In the nursery will eventually be replaced by a comfortable armchair to expand play area. You can draw with marker on the glossy doors of the cabinet, besides it unnoticeably adds the width to the room. Wallpapers with stars is Eco.

The bedroom extends the style and color of the all-family zone. Bedside lamps - Harlequin. Wallpapers - Borastapeter. Wall opposite the bed has sticked sheets of plasterboard, framed by molding.

The rest of details (washing machine, boiler, cleaning equipment) are hidden behind the facades of chipboard with imitation of wood. The prototype of the curbstone under the sink is Oasis. Ceiling lamps are Centrsvet.

План расстановки мебели, сантехники, оборудования

Стена кухни, которая просматривается из гостиной, намеренно сделана без второго яруса шкафчиков. Элегантный кухонный фартук из плитки под мрамор Kerama Marazzi украшен двумя тонкими полосками золотистого металлического бордюра Butech. Цилиндрическая вытяжка Faber в окружении бра Devon&Devon едва ли напоминают кухню. Основной акцент помещения и мечта заказчицы – кухня нежного розового-пудрового оттенка.

Витрина и комод рядом с обеденным столом хоть и выглядят непринужденно, на самом деле тщательно выверены и отвоеваны у пространства коридора. Они вместят в себя все атрибуты, сопутствующие красивой трапезе. Над обеденным столом люстра Favourite.

За спинкой кресла Cantori так же установили конвектор, сделав его по высоте в уровень плинтуса. Торшер Kutek.

В санузле все самое неинтересное (стиральная машина, бойлер, уборочный инвентарь) спрятано за фасадами из ДСП с имитацией дерева.

На глянцевых стеклянных дверцах шкафа можно рисовать маркером