Interior Design - Restaurant Banquet Hall (St. Petersburg)


Maksim Voronovich, Anna Kostina, Natallia Trukhanovich


Interior Design - Restaurant Banquet Hall (St. Petersburg)


Feb. 2018


#IKEA #Maytoni #Zara #Laminam

It's a large banquet hall featuring chastity and lyricism in terms of style and flavor, correspondingly. Being already self-sufficient, a combination of thin black elements on a vast white-and-powder background can be supplemented by some other accent color – at the discretion of a newly wedded couple.

There are dark gray lobby walls. But their dramatic effect won't tire you, science nobody lingers in this lobby featuring a coat closet, a small tea area, and a lint-free carpet by IKEA as well!

We created wall texture by means of MDF sheets and moldings. There're plywood elements at the top of each window imitating round arches. They are supported by rounded wall lamp covers by Maytoni and mirrors by Zara. Already acting as a wall decoration in and of themselves, golden hooks can come in handy when there's a need in wedding decor mounting.

We decided to hide heat radiators behind screens covering them with tabletops by Laminam.

There are many wooden pieces of furniture diluting soft sofas at the ends of refectory tables. These tables feature cast-iron table-legs while being custom-made.

On the floor, there're woodgrain tiles featuring a herringbone design.

Its general lighting consists of round LED panels and track-based spotlights.

In the course of this building's architectural replanning, the hall was expanded with a strip of area from adjacent rooms. However, this extra area was divided in the middle by a load-bearing wall 'aiming' straight at the of the engaged couple's table. That's why it was closed with a perpendicular partition featuring relief panels and becoming a background for musicians. There's a photo shoot area within small niches behind the partition featuring a faux fireplace and one more zone with a serving cart for waiters.

A newly wedded couple's table borders closely to the birth relatives' tables. There's a dancing area within the free space.

План расстановки мебели, сантехники, оборудования

Стены вестибюля окрашены в темно-серый цвет. Этот драматизм не успеет вас утомить - в вестибюле никто не задерживается! Здесь есть шкаф для верхней одежды и небольшая чайная зона. Безворсовый ковер IKEA.

В небольших нишах за перегородкой организовали фотозону с фальш-камином и зону с сервировочным комодом для официантов.

Большое количество деревянной мебели разбавляют мягкие диванчики в торцах длинных столов.