Modern・Functionalism・Small apartments・Krasnodar
Architect: Anna Kostina
Project: Jun. 2012, Area: 42 m²

The interior design is developed for a family of four: husband, wife and 2 sons of 6 and 8 years old. In the apartment with 42 sq.m. area we were going to place an isolated bedroom, two beds for children and storage space to be comfortable during the daytime. 

The height of the ceilings makes it possible to arrange a two-level podium in the apartment. The lower stage serves as an additional place for sitting, children's beds are hidden in it. There is a niche for a double mattress in the upper stage, as well as a storage system. 

Minimalism style loved by customer was achieved through the use of a light color palette and the abundance of types of lighting. The tone in the interior is set by clean surfaces, which implies the presence of a large number of hidden storage systems. 

 Children do their homework at the table, which serves both a dining and a cooking surface.

 This work took first place in the contest on the site www.fl.ru

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