Halturina. Project of interiors of apartment in Brest


Maksim Voronovich


Halturina. Project of interiors of apartment in Brest


Aug. 2018


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To combine or not to combine? Of course, yes! When this apartment was last renovated, few people could even imagine combining a kitchen and a living-room into one room.

The partitions were demolished and re-erected. The zones weren't relocated while their shape was slightly adjusted.
A straight passage was created between the kitchen and the living room, while a partition separating them became rounded-cornered.
Two bathrooms were combined borrowing some of their space to the kitchen for deployment of a built-in refrigerator and a cargo.

A radiator was removed from under the window in the living room. It was mounted on a neighboring wall. An underwindow bookcase was created for storing our customer's favorite books.

Solid wood doors were preserved and painted light gray. All the door glass inserts were replaced, while the doors themselves were augmented with shaped architraves. A new accordion partition with matte-surfaced glass between the kitchen and the living room was deployed. A new transom window between the hallway and the kitchen was mounted as well.

All radiators were replaced with cast iron ones by Viadrus. Now there's also parquetry flooring by Boen arranged in a classic herringbone pattern. There are floor tiles in the kitchen and in the hall by Fioranese and Top Cer, correspondingly.

During wall finishing operations, gypsum plasterboard was used. There are wallpapers by Sanderson and Cole&Son.

There are custom Devol-styled pieces of furniture - framed facades made of dyed MDF, open laps. The bedroom's and the hallway's wardrobes bear against each other. There's a wooden tabletop in the kitchen.

We opted for bright coloring with light colored accents.

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