Architect: Maksim Voronovich
Project: Feb. 2011, Area: 67 m²

If you are an opponent of excessive luxury and appreciate moderation and convenience in everything - this style is for you. Functionalism was laid in the 20-30's. German school of design "Bauhaus". Full denial of excessive decorativeness.

Functionalism is a style that defines the face of the architecture and interior of our time. Constructively expedient is put on the first place. Individuals are opposed by standardization. Functionalism is characterized by simple, mobile, multifunctional forms: a chair-bed, a sofa bed, a corner, a table on rollers.

The idea of ​​a continuous space consisting of intermittent rooms, a minimal amount of furniture, a system of built-in closets and shelving, mobile and transformable furniture. The interior is dominated by clean and laconic forms, a great role is given to textures and textures of finishing materials. Functionalism has formed a number of norms that have become part of the concept called "Eurostandart".

Philosophy of style - "form is determined by function." The house is a car for habitation, therefore the interior is built on the principle of functionality. Furniture can have rectangular laconic shapes or soft proportions, when the chair exactly repeats the lines of the back and the hands of the seated. In any case, this furniture is always recognizable, it is distinguished by clear and finished forms.

Upholstery materials perfectly fit the filler, balancing on the verge between softness and elasticity. Gluing the walls of the wallpaper in a light color, you will get a sense of freedom and unoccupied space.

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