Architect: Maksim Voronovich
Project: Mar. 2011, Area: 90 m²

Everyone dreams of a perfect home, beautiful and comfortable, convenient to live. Each person is unique: someone for complete happiness needs a huge bathroom, some families need a dining room, fitness lovers - a place for a simulator, grown-up children - separate rooms and so on. Of course, the best option is to build a house or buy an apartment of your dreams, but often a developer for a number of reasons does not particularly care about the uniqueness of the projected meters - you can not satisfy everyone. Sooner or later, in our life, we face potential housing that is far from our ideals: former communal apartments, apartments in monolithic houses, where there is not a wall, it is a loader, 3 sq.m. bathrooms, corridors that occupy a third of the area of ​​housing and just small apartments. There is only one thing - to do redevelopment.

The redevelopment of the apartment allows you to make the living conditions of its inhabitants as comfortable as possible in each individual case. Since the apartment building is a complex technical construction, the life in which first of all must be safe, then to the changes in its parts - the apartments need to be approached wisely, and preferably professional.

This owner has purchased this apartment on the eighth floor of the thirteen-store section of the house with the prospect of adding to its area the roof of the adjacent seven-store section in the form of a terrace. The premise, which under the project was a loggia of the apartment, was closed by panoramic glazing and became a spacious dining room.

The entrance hall, bathroom and a storage room at the entrance to the apartment merged and became a large bathroom with an entrance from the master bedroom. To make such a union possible, the entrance to the apartment was transferred to an adjacent partition, and the entrance to the bedroom was made through the living room. Between the bedroom and the living room is a shelf with a matt glass back.

The interior decoration is dominated by white, which creates a harmonious, calm color in complex with unsaturated shades of wooden surfaces and gray shades of tiles and textiles.

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