Architect: Maksim Voronovich, Anna Kostina
Project: Mar. 2013, Area: 100 m²

The interior design is created for an active young couple without children.
The terms of reference were formulated during the proposal to the owners of a variety of options for redevelopment. There were no load-bearing walls inside the apartment, so the fantasy was limited only by the location of communications and wet areas.

After the redevelopment of the entrance hall, the kitchen, dining room and living room formed a single space that could accommodate a large number of guests at the same time. A large U-shaped sofa provides a sufficient number of seats. The presence of a dining table and bar counter makes it possible to unite guests by interests without leaving one room.

From two bathrooms, laid by the original layout, it was decided to refuse in favor of one combined bathroom and a dressing room with an entrance from the bedroom. The bedroom is maximally removed from the entrance and the "rave" zone, which protects it from penetration of possible noise.
 In the bathroom, except for the shower area, the tiles are not laid on the entire height of the walls, above it - a light mustard coloration. This method makes the room more comfortable. A spacious trapezoidal bath, designed for two people, narrow side of the cabinet joined with a built-in washing and drying machines.

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