Architect: Maksim Voronovich
Project: Mar. 2012, Area: 57 m²

Fusion is a style that allows you to place anything in space, and at the same time create harmonious connections between different objects and elements. Interior design involves a complex color scheme, a lot of decorative details, an abundance of fabrics and a variety of decor, experiments with textures, stage lighting and a carefully "organized" mess.

The panel design of the house in which the apartment is located excludes any variants of redevelopment, the convenience is achieved by the interior design.
The bedroom wall at the head of the bed is covered with glass panels, the reflection in which helps to adjust the proportions of the room visually.

There was a shelf along the wall with the window, elevated to a small height with respect to the floor level.

Comfort in the small kitchen is created by different textures. Tiles of different sizes from one collection are spread out on the floor. There is tile imitation buazeri on the wall along the dining table, and coloring in a juicy grassy shade above. The apron and the table top of the working surface are made of light corian. Light frame facades made of wood are used for the headset. 

 In the living room, the wall behind the sofa is played with a bookshelf and biofireplot. The wall opposite the sofa is covered with textured wallpaper of a gray-blue shade.

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