Modern・Public space・Bar・Brest・70
Architect: Maksim Voronovich, Anna Kostina
Project: Dec. 2013, Area: 52 m²

Bar reconstruction and bringing interior design to life consist of 2 stages. Realization was taken with 1 year gap. It’s related with progressive annex of rentable space.
Entrance wall is decorated with tile a la brick and painting. There are sofas along it, which create ease atmosphere. Round part of bar walls are decorated with plenty of pictures. The wall and storage door in front of entrance are decorated with chipboard panels, where perforated tube sticks. Failed abutment of bar counter tabletop to column was solved with gypsum plasterboard construction upbuilding, which serves as shelving for magazines. There is a reception in front of column. Grilyatto line goes through the ceiling with transparent light over it. Floodlights tires go along the line. Existing plaster ceiling areas have font schedule. Menu is projected on the box far from the entrance of the bar. Above the triangular portion of the bar there are light-balls at different heights.

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