Traditional・New classic・Brest・72
Architect: Maksim Voronovich, Anna Kostina
Project: Jun. 2013, Area: 82 m²

Our customers - young married couple are going to build their house near by parents.
Accommodation style wasn't neatly formulated. The main visual reference point, which customers showed as an example, hotels interiors with hint of French chic. There should be created luxury feeling without too much elements. Redevelopment wasn’t excluded.
Disproportionally long and narrow living room functionally is divided into 3 parts: fireplace, sofa place, dining room. There is French herringbone parquet on the floor. Luxury is reflected in using materials of different textures. Marble, loved by our customer, decorates floor, walls and ordered articles - radiator screen and fake fireplace portal. Wall behind the sofa is decorated with lacomat.
Mini-kitchen with bar and coffee-machine located adjacent with living-room and used basically when guests come. Full kitchen is on the first floor.

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