Modern・Public space・Night club・Brest・79
Architect: Maksim Voronovich, Anna Kostina
Project: Oct. 2013, Area: 120 m²

During the implementation of the club's reconstruction project, it was impossible to suspend his work. Accordingly, the interior design was reduced to finding finishes and decorating techniques, which can be performed in stages, during the weekend in the club.

The arrangement of furniture is preserved with minor changes, the sofas are tightened with new leather. The walls in the VIP areas are decorated with soft rectangular panels of different thicknesses. In the entrance area there were sofas with high backs and a floor-dummy, the VIP zone at the entrance was separated by a crystal curtain. The textiles on the windows have been replaced with dense incombustible fabric.

For the floor of the catwalk and stage, an abrasion resistant vinyl coating is chosen, which is quickly mounted.

The interior is supplemented by various types of lighting. The ceiling coffers are covered with a stretch translucent ceiling with an RGB-tape around the perimeter of each caisson, an LED panel is installed behind the back of the DJ. On the floor and steps is used LED lighting in aluminum profiles. Images are projected onto the inclined part of the ceiling.

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