Traditional・New classic・St. Petersburg・87
Architect: Maksim Voronovich, Anna Kostina
Project: Dec. 2014, Area: 200 m²

The project of redevelopment and interior design was developed for a country house, where it was necessary to create a space for a family of four people.

The initial data is a box of foam blocks lined with face brick, bearing walls and marked with ventilation ducts and a chimney. The proposed layout is associated with bearing walls and ventilation ducts. There is a community-wide zone, an office, a guest room and accompanying ancillary facilities on the first floor. There is a billiard room, a sauna, a gym, a boiler room and a laundry in the basement. There are bedrooms in the attic floor. 

Visualization was performed only for the general space on the ground floor, which sets the tone for the rest of the rooms. In emotional way, we tried to create an atmosphere of celebration, hospitality - a sort of color therapy from the gray urban everyday life. 

Saturated wallpaper with a pink pattern on a golden background adorned the walls of the hallway - it creates a cheerful mood from the threshold, and at the same time don’t tire, as in the hallway you don’t stay for a long time.

The bizarre combination of turquoise and coral shades in the kitchen-living room is diluted with neutral planes. The center of the composition is a round table, which, if necessary, decomposes and accommodates the whole family and guests. Different textures are used in furnish and furniture. The wall with a fireplace is claddled with a wild stone and marble. The kitchen is made to order, the facades are made of painted wood. The decoration of the moldings adds coziness, and the abundance of the decor, brought from the journeys, brings back pleasant memories.

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