Modern・Public space・Restaurant・Brest・92
Architect: Maksim Voronovich, Anna Kostina
Project: May. 2014, Area: 69 m²

Harvee caffe is going to appear on lively pedestrian street, in building destined as catering point before. It was decided to make a three-meter aperture in the bearing wall to provide connection between kitchen, order issuing area and visitors hall.
We disposed order acceptance area and cashier stand with menu tablets straight in front of entrance. To the right is order issuing area flowing into visitors hall. Part of kitchen equipment is under and on tabletop in order issuing area. Such way was decided problem of small kitchen, located from inside of bearing wall.
Visitors places settled down along the windows and short walls. In the corner, to the right from order issuing area is internet zone with tablets. Tables are lighted up with lamps. The place provides takeaway service.
Interior design accent emphasizes attractive layout, decoration materials and furniture are simple and economical.

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