Traditional・Public place・Restaurant・Brest・94
Architect: Maksim Voronovich, Anna Kostina
Project: Feb. 2015, Area: 150 m²

Performing interior design for this bar, we had to work on interesting premises located on two floors in the building, which belongs to the historical building in Brest, Soviet Str.

Before the interior project was completed, a number of works were carried out to reconstruct the building. We added the area previously leading from the street to the yard to the premise on the first floor. As a result, the brick vaults, which served as overlapping over this site, got inside the building. The connection between the rooms was realized through the openings, dismantled in the once external wall. Piers between new openings are reinforced with metal corners and channels. A one-story volume for the kitchen was built from the courtyard to the building, on the flat roof. There will be a terrace with an entrance for visitors from the second floor in the future.

A zest of the establishment is a bar with an arched construction, made of solid wood, with mirrors and shelves for alcohol. Crystal chandeliers and mirror insets on the ceiling, located along the entrance axis, add solemnity to the room.

The section of the wall along the staircase, once built of brick and restored, organically combines with a new finish - wooden buazeri and wallpaper. Dark wallpaper brings dramatic, but the abundance of wood leaves a feeling of coziness. The white marble countertop of the bar and white facet tiles refresh the interior. The walls are decorated with black and white photographs in laconic, but spectacular frames. 

There is a shelf for decoration under the brick arches along the wall with faceted tile. 5 tables with deliberately rough countertops, decorated with pairs of white linen tracks was joined. Suspensions with adjustable intensity of light make the meal more pleasant. One of the landing groups, furthest from the window, has the possibility of visual isolation with the help of curtains - for special guests.

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