Traditional・New classic・Brest・95
Architect: Anna Kostina, Natallia Trukhanovich
Project: Aug. 2015, Area: 199 m²

We’ve received an order for interior and facade design project. This complex approach lets us to adjust window aperture size according to inside functionality and outside aesthetic. We were going to create the atmosphere where you can grow your children and get on in years. Our customer associates comfort with color spectrum. However, she prefers cold shades with light affluence and contrast existence.

We worked with interior and facade design simultaneously. Customers felt  they no longer like the house appearance anymore. We defined the main task in the following way: to make the house entrance more presentable, reorganize facade apertures.

We’ve made a narrow vertical prominent aperture more stable by adding there a porch with stairs and thuja areas. We’ve built a flat visor over the porch. It leans on the columns, which are framed with ramps and serves as a balcony for the restroom. Precipitation drain from balcony surface is organized inside of columns. Windows emerge both sides of the entrance. Finishing touch is entrance design with stain and the back light of symmetric wall lamps.

We took measures also concerning yard facade to make it look aesthetic. We removed boiler room window and put a glass door to keep natural light. The aperture from kitchen to terrace was aligned on width according the bedroom window over it. Terrace is projected to admit 8-persons table and to organize kitchen and boiling room exit. Roll canopy can be removed during winter period. The 2nd floor windows were framed with decorative shutters.
All the 1st floor rooms were left on it’s places. We achieved  correct disposal in kitchen zone due to changing format and size of aperture to the terrace. On the axis aperture there are working surface from one side and bar counter from the other side. Frame facade of furniture creates comfort and without space burdening. Wall decoration with fireplace, natural color spectrum, leather furniture and accessories, massive chairs create light chalet style hint, which often is associated with comfort. Even so it creates feeling of lightness. We put a long window with French balcony to the dining zone. Anyway it doesn’t break a symmetric composition of windows on the eastern facade. Due to that window, problem of natural light in the hallway was solved. There is storage space under monolithic stairs.

Office has same colors as kitchen-living room. However art deco elements (wall decoration with veneered panels, chairs and accessories) add some asperity.

Small redevelopment touched storerooms on the 2nd floor. Supposed laundry moved to the 1st floor and combined with boiler room. It was replaced by dressing room with entrance from bedroom. Lacquered black doors from both sides of narrow wardrobe create additional space. There are some open highlighted cells for accessories in front of the window. The dressing room, in its turn, become an access to the bathroom. Also you can get to the bathroom from the hall. There is lack of storage furniture in the spacious bedroom because of existence of dressing room. There is a comfortable chair for reading and SPA-procedures behind the decorative MDF screen. Separate bath was a dream of customer. Washbasin tabletop serves as a dressing table. Benches with soft mattresses placed in the restroom. Now you can «lie down here chatting on the phone». That’s how the customer described this space function.

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