Architect: Maksim Voronovich
Project: Jun. 2011, Area: 2000 m²

At the end of XX century in developed countries the traditional industrial strategy was replaced by «creative industry» concept. When the source of added value and workplaces is manufacture activity and exploitation of intellectual property: architecture, music, art, design, fashion, antiques, cinema, video production, publishing, advertising, radio, TV, internet. Industry centers move from Europe to developing countries, and jewish economy produce and sell predominantly intellectual product. In practice, this concept incarnates in «creative clusters» - an association of independent creative organizations and workshops, which appear instead of industrial zones.
Creative cluster is the shining example of jump from industrial era to intellectually-digital one. Cluster gifts not only spiritual development, but helps buildings, which are way out, to get new life. It’s not some gallery. First of all, it’s creative people, who don’t have space to realize their talents. And cluster gives them opportunity to create. Further, process of art and economy interaction appears. New products, new irregular formats bring economic profit - new transport lines, whole infrastructure develops, tourists inflow grows and it contributes development in common.
There’s no any creative cluster in Belarus. Brest is the most optimal variant to realize that idea. Because this city is borderline. It’s convenient to attract European tourists.
Modern art center area is going to be territory of old factory, based on crossing of Gogol, Fomin, Vorovsky, and Masherov streets. Cluster accommodates 180 of students and 42 of teachers.
 The project involves reconstruction of factory departments, library attached, and gallery connected with departments by junction. Besides, one of departments is going to be reconstructed as an administrative-domestic complex. It’s divided into 3 floors: second and third floors perform the housing function, first floor is for essential service to live a full life on this territory.
 Private educational institution teaches in three disciplines: architecture, design, painting, sculpture department; photo, video, animation department; choreography, music, sound recording department. Every department provides specialists in presented areas.

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